About Us - Associates


We work with a distinguished set of Associates who actively support us in our pursuits. Without such a solid support system we would have been unable to get to where we are today.

Other Statutory Consultants

We are also supported on other aspects like Labour, PF/ESI and so on by specialists.


Tax Consultants

On taxation, we are guided by a set of specialists. The names and area of consultation are given below:


Legal Consultants

On Legal matters, we are advised by a group highly trusted advisors which includes distinguished luminaries of the legal fraternity like
Mr. T.K. Seshadri,
Mr. R. Krishnaswamy,
Mr. Roshan Balasubramaniam,
Mr. Venkatraman,
Mrs. Nanditha.



Karur Vysaya Bank, Nungambakkam and Bank of India, Mylapore, manage our Banking requirements.


MEP Consultants

Our MEP Consultants guide us on Mechanical, Electricity and Plumbing related aspects, their names are mentioned below:


Structural Designers

We have worked with some of the most distinguished structural consultants from India and abroad, their names are mentioned below:


Project Management Consultants

We have worked with a select group of Project Management Consultants (PMCs) whose expert guidance has played a big role in our achievement of project objectives. The PMCs are mentioned below:



We have worked with the most renowned architects of both National and International fame. Some of them are listed below: